Taxiworld Turkey

Taxiworld Turkey Exhibitors Profile

• Road, Sea and Air Taxi and Shared Taxi Companies
• Taxi, Commercial Vehicle, Commercial Aircraft, Sea transportation means and Helicopter Producers
• Disabled Cab and Minibus Producers
• Taxi, Shared Taxi and Minibus License Plate Providers
• Electric Vehicle Producers
• Wireless Taxi Call Systems
• Taxi Call Applications and Softwares
• Motor insurance, Insurance Companies and Banks
• Taxi and Shared Taxi Station Producers
• Safety and Safety Tracking Systems (vehicle and driver safety, fire and alarm systems)
• Car Services
• Taximeter and Navigation Systems
• Coating, Painting and Modification Companies
• Fuel, Fuel Conversion Systems and Fuel Companies
• Chassis and Body Parts
• Car Glass Producers
• Spare Part and Systems, Repair and Maintenance
• Accessories and Services
• Engine Oil and Additives
• Brake and Engine Systems and Spare Parts
• Filter, Valve, Piston and Suspension Parts
• Car Electricity Systems
• Car Wash and Upholstery
• Car Interior Design and Exterior Lining
• Vehicle Services, Public Transportation, Substructure, IT Technologies
• Communication and Telecommunication Systems
• Auto Detailing and Modification Companies
• Car Music Systems
• Rent A Car Services
• Energy Systems, Battery, Rim and Tire Producers
• Passenger Transportation Companies, Travel Agencies, Associations and Unions

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